Do what you're good at – and invoice without starting your own company

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Frilans Finans, Sweden’s first umbrella company, was founded.


umbrella employed contractors have invoiced via Frilans Finans; this makes us the largest in Sweden


people working in Client Support ensures that you get good service and your administration is well taken care of.

Send your invoice for
today, and receive your pay by


Net pay after income tax and social insurance contributions

7510 kr

7510 kr

  • Frilans Finans %
  • Income taxes, social insurance contributions %
  • Your money %
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Invoiced amount including VAT 18750 kr
Value Added Tax --3750 kr
Invoiced amount excluding VAT 15000 kr
Fee payable to Frilans Finans --900 kr
Social insurance contributions --3371 kr
Gross pay including vacation benefits 10729 kr
Tax deductions --3219 kr
Net pay including vacation benefits 7510 kr

This is how it works:

You have a work assignment

and want to get paid for it. But you don’t have a company.

You create an invoice in our system

in 2 minutes with our invoicing tool. We charge only our 6% fee and nothing else.

You get paid within 5 banking days

and with Express Payment, within 24 hours.

A fantastical good service. I can really recommend this to those you don’t want to start their own company.
Mats Jungmyren, Photographer

It’s so simple. I can put energy into what I do best: work with what I know best!
-Lisa Anckarman, Blog Entrepreneur

I'd prefer to have my own company, but to deal with owning an AB takes up a lot of time with paperwork and stuff. It’s nice to be able to avoid all that, with Frilans Finans.
-Mats Westerberg, Craftsman

The advantages with Frilans Finans

Get paid within five banking days

In the ordinary case, you receive your wages within five banking days, nevermind that your customer has 30 days to pay the invoice. And with an Express Supplement, you will get paid within 24 hours.

Eliminate all the administration tasks

The only thing you need to do is to focus on your job. We take care of payroll administration, contacts with the Swedish Tax Agency, payment of VAT and income tax, and insurance.


Our umbrella employed contractors are covered by basic insurance protection. We also have an insurance package for those who want extra protection.

Personal service

Contact us at Client Support if you have any questions. Our experience and knowledge about umbrella employment and administration is there for you.

6% fee

The service costs only 6% of the amount you invoice. There are no hidden costs or additional fees. You get full control of your money.

Customised invoicing tool

RUT (household services) and RMI (home repair and maintenance), change the VAT rate, take deductions, save up for retirement and vacations, work abroad – everything is possible, the invoicing tool helps you.

Our Network – for those who are umbrella contractors at Frilans Finans

Via our Network you have access to benefits and special offers from our cooperating partners. You can fill your inspirational account by taking seminars and training courses, and by attending Network events.